Vaidyagrama: Healing & Eco Village

I had not expectations of what I would see or experience upon entering Vaidyagrama last Monday after our long journey. This is not a place you come to for the food, the climate or the five star accommodations. However, this is a place to come to if you want healing that is natural, accommodations that are clean, comfortable and all your basic needs met where you are served 3 vegetarian meals a day. This is the perfect space to disconnect and rejuvenate as well as learn about the science of health and well being.

Below are photos from the past few days, you can visit the website to learn more about the environment and types of treatments available to those who visit by clicking here.

The photos below depict the rain harvesting that occurs here, this area was barren only 7 years ago with only a mango and coconut tree. They were able to dig a well and find deep ground water and now harvest rain/moisture and recycle all water here.

They use soap nuts to clean and compressed cow dung for fuel, the majority of vegetables and fruits that are served here are all grown here.  They do not manicure the farm, but rather let it grow as nature intends.

They also have just built a school for children on the site. This school was designed for children who live in a nearby village that have one parent or none and the philosophy of the school is to educate them on local harvesting as well as yoga and Ayurveda health practices. The goal is that these children will be future doctors, farmers, or whatever profession they choose to be part of the community.


The philosophy here is being in tune with nature, wellness includes physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental well being. It is inspiring to see the education they do for the local villages and how the doctors who work here are part of a lineage of healers from their communities. I found this poster very interesting that is in all the buildings here for all staff:


This was the prefect place to be introduced to India, the people here a so kind, caring and authentic.   I hope you find this as inspiring as I am experiencing it.


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